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Whether it be a basic builder's grade garage door or a beautiful custom solid wood door, we are capable of accommodating any of your garage door repair and garage door service needs.


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Rockwall Garage Door is your one stop shop for garage door repair and installation. Here in Wylie, TX, we offer you the most affordable and reliable service possible. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly review your situation. They’ll let you know if you can repair your current garage door, or if it would be more cost efficient to totally replace your door.


Affordable Garage Door Repair and Replacement


If you live in the Wylie, TX area, our experienced technicians will give you a free estimate, and advise you what repairs or replacement will work with your budget.


Reliable, Professional Service


When your garage door isn’t working properly, there are several possibilities as to what could be wrong. It’s best to have a professional technician review what the issues are. We service most major garage door types, and garage door openers. Our qualified team is trained to repair or replace all the major mechanical components of a garage door, plus address the issues of the intricate electrical system of the doors.


Fast, Safe, Reliable Service


Rockwall Garage Door has an on-call, 24 hour emergency team in the Wylie, TX area. We’re ready to serve you at any time. We have the ability and equipment to take care of your garage door’s tracks, springs, cable and motors and more when we come to your location.


Rockwall Garage Door has been established as a premier garage door repair and installment company in the Wylie, TX area since 1995. Contact us for more information.


18 Years of Responsive Customer Service for Dallas' Garage Door Needs Since 1995







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Tips to ensure your garage door keeps working day in and day out.


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The garage door opener that comes back up!


Servicing doors, operators and parts for EVERY budget and business type.


If you want your productivity back on track quickly, safely and AFFORDABLE there is really only ONE clear choice: Rockwall Garage Doors.


For every garage door and every garage door need, we can help.

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